My children ask me about when they "get to go back to the dentist", and that says a lot to me about Dr. Jamison and his staff.  The fact that they receive a new toothbrush and toothpaste could be what makes them want to come back, but for me it is the wonderful caring staff. The office is warm and welcoming.  We are always taken care of in a timely matter, and as a mom that is very important. I am very confident that my family is getting the best dental care, and the fact that they enjoy it makes it even better.

-Rebecca Bobo

The Bobo Family


Since 1982, Dr. Jamison has been my only dentist and now cares for my entire family. I appreciate not only his professionalism but that of his staff as well. Dr. Jamison always takes great care and time to explain any procedure and I always know exactly what he is going to do and why it is important. Fortunately, I have had very few dental problems over all of these years which I attribute to the superior level of care Dr. Jamison and his staff have provided.
-Bill Jones

Bill Jones

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